Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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Visual Communication Development

Visual Communication is nothing new. Since the Stone Age man has carved walls, built monuments, structures, architecture and now web sites, APPs and thought leadership blogs. Each of them have their own innate purposes but none without the common motive to influence.
We have been bombarded with Commercials, TV, movies and images to the point of which we no longer recognize or notice them but for nothing more than a piece of entertainment. These are all visual mediums and we have forgot or almost have become desensitized to the fact that visuals have always been and are still a modern day and major influencer to our daily lives. We watch and see without much thought. Yet we are influenced. We are influenced by what we see. Why? Here’s the scientific answer, because seeing is a direct cognitive stimulation of our cerebral cortex of the brain that instantly derives or invokes emotion.

For most of us, visuals as a form of communication were the farthest thing from our minds. It was an intangible influencer left to the pros, an elite few or group that we called the media and we were left unaware. Unaware of its power but more important than its power we were left unaware of its literacy.
But now, there is a new awareness. Times have changed. The rules have changed. We are now the media, and as the media we are now responsible for understanding and with this responsibility, an awareness of value and importance of visuals as a form of communication. But it’s not enough to just be aware or to be aware of its value. We have to have value for it. Know its value. But the only way we can do that is by understanding its literacy. Its grammar, and with understanding comes respect and with respect of course comes value.

Visual Communication is the core of communicating to your audience. If you want to get your business into other people’s brains, we need to have an understanding and competency of getting your information across as a form of Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography and Video Presentations.
5 ways we assert visual awareness in your project.
1. Typography has to be appropriate for the content or the context.
2. Make a connection with your audience around your brand.
3. Use visuals to enforce your ideas and thoughts.
4. Your content should stand out. Resonate. Effect and evoke.
5. Conjure thought and emotion from your audience. Excite and engage and ultimately act.
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