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Visual Communication Development

Visual Communication is nothing new. Since the Stone Age man has carved walls, built monuments, structures, architecture and now web sites, APPs and thought leadership blogs. Each of them have their own innate purposes but none without the common motive to influence.
We have been bombarded with Commercials, TV, movies and images to the point of which we no longer recognize or notice them but for nothing more than a piece of entertainment. These are all visual mediums and we have forgot or almost have become desensitized to the fact that visuals have always been and are still a modern day and major influencer to our daily lives. We watch and see without much thought. Yet we are influenced. We are influenced by what we see. Why? Here’s the scientific answer, because seeing is a direct cognitive stimulation of our cerebral cortex of the brain that instantly derives or invokes emotion.

For most of us, visuals as a form of communication were the farthest thing from our minds. It was an intangible influencer left to the pros, an elite few or group that we called the media and we were left unaware. Unaware of its power but more important than its power we were left unaware of its literacy.
But now, there is a new awareness. Times have changed. The rules have changed. We are now the media, and as the media we are now responsible for understanding and with this responsibility, an awareness of value and importance of visuals as a form of communication. But it’s not enough to just be aware or to be aware of its value. We have to have value for it. Know its value. But the only way we can do that is by understanding its literacy. Its grammar, and with understanding comes respect and with respect of course comes value.

Visual Communication is the core of communicating to your audience. If you want to get your business into other people’s brains, we need to have an understanding and competency of getting your information across as a form of Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography and Video Presentations.
5 ways we assert visual awareness in your project.
1. Typography has to be appropriate for the content or the context.
2. Make a connection with your audience around your brand.
3. Use visuals to enforce your ideas and thoughts.
4. Your content should stand out. Resonate. Effect and evoke.
5. Conjure thought and emotion from your audience. Excite and engage and ultimately act.
If you’re looking for a partner to help build your business, then you should know that our business partnerships are based on strategy and driven by results.
Are you ready to build your brand? If yes, take advantage of our many visual communication services at My City Me.
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Affordable Web Maintenance Services


Websites need to stay fresh! Fresh websites get more traffic, don't look old and 
help you communicate better with your members, clients and potential clients.

We build a website maintenance plan into many of the websites we sell but we 
also maintain many websites that we did not create. Could your website use a 
quick update? Do you need something fixed?

Service Include.

Affordable Web Maintenance Services - No Contracts

Website Maintenance We are experts at updating websites made with HTML,
CSS, JavaScript, Flash, PHP and ASP.

Websites need to stay fresh! Fresh websites get more traffic, don't look old and 
help you communicate better with your members, clients and potential clients.

We build a website maintenance plan into many of the websites we sell but we 
also maintain many websites that we did not create. Could your website use a 
quick update? Do you need something fixed?

Or read on to find out more.

My City Me provides several kinds of website maintenance services to help keep 
things fresh:

  1. We can provide regular updates beyond maintenance.
  2. We can clean up and maintain websites that We did not even create.
  3. We can resize and optimize images for your website or else apply special treatments like rounded corners.

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Custom Website Design At Low Cost

 photo 3-websites-monitors_zpsgiynieiy.jpg
Web site development is now considered as an industry because of the growth and development in mid-1990s. During that time web site development was considered as the fastest growing industry. The growth of web site development industry is being pushed by large businesses who wish to sell products and services to their customers. Website Development is a term for the work involved in the development of Web site. Website development is a process that involves the development of web site. Many components need to be created in coordination with one another to produce a successful web site. Some of the components are web design, development, content development, programming, maintenance etc.

Web site development can be developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based social networking site, internet application or electronic businesses. My City Me has a team of talented web developers who gather their talent pool and develop amazing websites for big and small organizations. Web site development can be a collaboration work between departments rather than the domain of a designated department. We create more advanced web sites are developed to utilize back-end administrative and content management system for managing the content on the web site.

We cut down the cost of web site development  design and to the maximum possible level and make the web design accessible to the companies so that they can further fueling the growth of the website. Website development has given a new meaning to Internet communication like content sharing on site facebook and twitter.

There is a different meaning to the term web site development, amongst the experts and professionals of the web; they refer web site development as only to those aspects of the making of the web sites which do not involve the coding and writing markup. The web site development can be branched into two main categories, the Server Side Coding and the Client Side Coding. The roles of a web site developer generally include the graphic designing and web designing, information architecture
Choose us to become your web partner and see the difference in your business.

Vist us today at WWW.MYCITYME.COM

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Web Designer versus Web Developer

Many people do not realize that there is a difference between the skills, training and experience necessary to be a web designer versus a Web developer. Even though the titles are sometimes used interchangeably, the focus and requirements for each is distinctly different. Here’s an overview to help you decide which you will need for your Web site project.


A Web Site Designer’s Skills


A web site designer is primarily a graphic designer. This is the person who creates a look-and-feel for your web site that includes pleasing colors, interesting images, and a design the best conveys the visual message you wish to present to your web site visitors. The web designer works with the User Interface (UI) aspects of a Web site.


Although some Web designers can read and write HTML code, most do not. It is not a necessary part of what they do. Web designers typically rely on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tools that generate the Web page code. The top-of-the-line WYSIWYG design tool is Dreamweaver. This tool has a reputation for developing very clean HTML code, and clean code is much easier to optimize for search engines.

A Web Site Developer’s Skills

A web site developer is primarily a programmer. Programmers are trained to understand how to "talk" to computers and browsers. Web developers must also know how to work with a wide range of databases. These types of skills are an absolute necessity if you wish to develop a dynamic web site or one with advanced or interactive features.

A web developer’s skills tend to be very specialized and focused on one or two Web development technologies and databases. You therefore want to make sure that you choose a Web developer that is experienced with your chosen technologies.


Which should you use for your Web site project?


This really depends upon what you want to accomplish with your site. If the project requires the use of static web pages (file names ending in .htm, .html, .shtml), then a Web designer will be able to do the job. If you need a dynamic site (file names ending in .asp, .aspx, .cfm, .jsp, .php and others), then you need a web developer. If you require interaction with a database, a developer is an absolute necessity. For dynamic sites, I advise clients to use a Web designer first to develop the UI (user interface). The design is then turned over to the developer so that he or she can add the functional and interactive features.


There are a few—but not many—web professionals that have both skill sets. Web designers tend to be more creative or right-brain thinkers, while developers tend to be more logical or left-brain thinkers. Web designers frequently are perplexed by complex server code such as Java, C#, PHP, VBScript, Perl and other interactive dunamic languages. On the other hand, developers sometimes refer to themselves as “graphically challenged”. Each is best at what they do best, and it behooves you to select a good blend of talent when you initiate a serious Web site project.

What about search engine optimization?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a specialized skill that is not necessarily mastered by either a designer or developer unless they have made a substantial effort to learn these skills. SEO is not part of the formalized training for either a designer or a developer. Although many designers and developers know something about SEO, their knowledge about search engines is frequently outdated and sometimes useless in today’s volatile SEO environment. This does not denigrate the typical web designer or web developer—it is just not their area of focus or expertise.

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Custom Web Design vs Website Templates

Custom Web Design vs Website Templates

As a business owner you are always looking how to save money and make your business profitable. When it comes to creating an online presence for your business, just like your marketing materials and office’s appearance, your website needs to project a professional image. The more professional looking your business appears, the more creditable it looks.
Many business owners don’t really understand the difference between having a custom web design done and using website templates. In this article we’ll look at both ways of having your website built and the costs involved.

Custom Web Design

Many think having a custom web design is too expensive but let’s look at the advantages of hiring a web designer over using a free website template or purchasing one.
Benefits of custom web design:
  • Unique design.
    With a custom web design it is created just for your business. Your website will be different from anyone else’s.
  • By hiring the right web developer, it will be constructed so it is search engine friendly.
    How the background coding of your website is done will influence your success in the search engines.
  • The website will be more adaptable to your company’s needs.
    If you have done your website planning, you will have a list of features you wish to have. By prioritizing this list of website features, you will give the web designer an idea of what to accommodate for in the future if your current budget doesn’t allow all the features to be implemented from the start.
  • Scalability.
    Just like adaptability, if you have planned what you want in the future for your website, a good web developer will take this into consideration as they select the technologies to use while building the website.
Other points to take into consideration when deciding if custom web design is for you are:
  • Are you planning to maintain the website yourself?
    If you do not intend to learn how to code a website (or have someone on staff that can do this well) then you are going to have to request that a content management system be incorporated into the web design. There are limitations on some content management systems so be sure to review our Content Management System at My City Me.
  • Are you permitted to use the graphics created for the website for other purposes?
    The website design should incorporate your company’s branding. If you have already established your company branding, then that branding should be incorporated into the website.
    For a business that hasn’t established a branding or is under going a revamping, then you are going to want to know if you can use the graphics on the website elsewhere, like your letterhead, brochures and signage to mention a few. This will increase the price of the custom web design, but then you will have everything match.
Another idea if considering a custom web design is, just have a template made incorporating the website theme. You can then, if you have the skills, recycle the template theme to create the web pages for your website.

Website Templates

There is a misconception on how beneficial and economical using free website templates or purchased website templates is. Let’s look at some points about website templates:
Website templates are good for:
  • Getting inspiration on colors, layouts and features.
    You cannot have your web designer copy these, but they do give the web designer an idea of the look you would like.
  • Very low budgets where you need to get up and running as soon as possible.
    If budget is holding you back from getting your business up on the Internet, then maybe a website template might be the way to go.
  • Shorter development time.
    It would appear that using a website template would include a shorter development time required for your website. Not really, read on.
Now onto other considerations when choosing a website template.
Using website templates do have some downfalls:
  • There is going to be a ton of other people using the same template.
    Unless you pay the “Exclusive” price for the template, the template website is going to keep selling that same template to anyone that comes along. Keep in mind, even if you pay the exclusive price, there are others who have bought the template prior to you and they still have the right to use it.
    If it’s a really appealing template, there may be lots of other people who have already bought that very template.
  • You will be limited on the customization of the website template.
    Without web page coding skills, you are still going to have to either spend the time and money to learn how to code a web page or hire someone to help you.
    Some templates are laid out very specific. Meaning if you incorporate your own graphics or have extensive content, the template could break.
  • Some website templates are not built to be search engine friendly.
    As explained above, it is important how the background coding of your website is done. If not done correctly, it could hurt your marketing efforts on the internet.
  • Antiquated coding.
    If the website template uses antiquated coding, it might not work in all browsers.
    Browser specific features are another sign of antiquated coding.

Custom Web Design or Website Template?

When deciding if a custom web design is the way to go or if a website template is a better choice keep in mind that you want your business to stand out from the crowd and be memorable.
In either case, you are still going to have to do some work to get up there in the search engine results. Having a website that looks nice is only part of the internet marketing package. You will have to research the phrases that your target audience would type in the search box to find you then incorporate those phrases into the content of each of your pages.
To maintain or build the website yourself you are going to have to invest some time (and money possibly) into learning all there is to building a web page.
Now, sit down and figure out exactly how much each method of building the website is actually going to cost. Include the time it is going to take you learn whatever you need to learn to use a website template and compare that to the cost of a custom web design where you will have time to market or build your product in the same time frame.

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My City Me Social Community

What is My City Me Social Community?

My City Me Social Community has everything you need to connect with your consumers and consumers to connect with you. Online visibility is good. It means more customers, more business and more profits. My City Me Social Community provides a great platform to get your business noticed. Services include: Creating your online presence, launch online ads, get listed, S.E.O. and community search. My City Me Social Community is an Entity of My City Me

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What is My City Me?

My City Me
What Is My City Me?

My City Me is a effective online Multimedia Technology Company that designs and creates visuals communication solutions such as, Website Development, Graphic Design, Web Hosting, Photography, Video Editing and other forms of Visual Communications. My City Me is an innovative system for individuals to gain more exposure by building your clientele and pushing your product volume.

Why Consider My City Me...

We have many years of specialized training we are experts in consulting in the fields of Business Management, Web Design, Web Programming, Web Development (HTML, PHP, CSS, ASP, Flash, and Java), Computer Programming, Computer Repair, Internet Marketing, SEO, and Multimedia Services. We provide a unique blend of programmers, designers, consultants, project managers and IT professionals who work as a well-coordinated team.

Communications And Working With You...

With modern communication technologies, location is not an issue - the use of Internet, emails, Skype well as collaboration tools allow us to communicate with each other effectively. Communications across the nation or the world is now easier and even more economical than ever before. Materials such as text, images and documents can be sent in seconds anywhere, at any time. Reviews and edits can be done and changes implemented at any time.

At My City Me We Value?

We share an infectious sense of mission to make an impact on society and empower consumers in ways never before possible. We are committed to serving both the Internet community and our own communities. We respect our customers above all else and never forget that they come to us by choice. We share a personal responsibility to maintain our customers' loyalty and trust. We listen and respond to our customers and seek to exceed their expectations.

As a Multimedia Technology Company we recognize that the best way for us to achieve our own success is by helping you achieve success as well. We want to extend our commitment to you to aid you in that goal, through our services and support. We value your loyalty and are here to help you whenever you need assistance. In addition, you can take advantage of our multitude of services.

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